Tracklist of the official ‘Take Over’ album by DJ Tee. Get 3 free songs from the list.


1. Intro Ft. Khalif Da Cypha X Body N Soul X Lyon J X M2
2. Dance With You Ft. Jovin
3. The Party Ft. Khalif Da Cypha
4. New Hit Ft. Black Jez
5. Better Days Ft. Indus X Zephyr X Idyl
6. Till The End Ft. Nathan
7. On And On Ft. Tim Lariel X Skin Blaq
8. Turn Up Ft.M2
9. Nanaowei Ft. Skin Blaq
10. Life Ft. BZB
11. Who That Man Ft. Acquilla
12. Yawng Boss
13. Yentown Boyz/Girlz Ft. Touch Fader X P-Killz X Slimkelz X Zephyr X Baby-B X Wallzee X M2
14. Dance For Me Ft. Lil Jay


*Ayi Boy
*P-Killz aka Godsown
*Johnson Timai
*DJ Yole

Jten Nigeria