This publication is based on the scenerio where the man is at fault in the first place. When your man does wrong or something very bad & you still love him, but in the name of punishing him there are things you don’t do in punishing him.

1. Do Not Reject His Phone Calls

Always answer his calls even though you don’t want to hear whatever bullshit he wants to say.

2. Never Tell Your Friends About Your Issues

Discussing your issues with friends shows your level of imaturity. This might add more fuel to the fire already. They might give you wrong advice.

3. Don’t Avoid Him For Too Long

He might get fed up and decide to move on with his life.

4. Avoid Silence

Maintain constant communication so you don’t lose him to other voices.

5. Do Not Deprive Him Of Love Making

Save your man the frustration in looking out for another woman to pass the time. Love making is the best time to settle your scores.