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The Onset

Many perceive violence,rigging and insecurity about the forthcoming general election, but while these things boils through the mind of many Nigerians we should also take note that the 2015 election is not a war, but a display of practical franchise. Therefore, the masses should be watchful and be sure who they cast their vote for and not to dock or hide themselves for fear of violence but come out in mass and express their civic responsibility. Although there has beee a tension rising from prospective Nigerians following recent political campaigns held in states of the federation by politicians and of course the postponement of the 2015 election saga the election must commence.

The Postponement

A lot of speculations about wether the 2015 general election should or should not be postponed already have waved the air the chapter has become a thing of the past, but the fact still remain despite the saga behind the postponement what are Nigerians expecting now that the election has been shifted further to a new date.

What Next?

Campaigns have come and gone and Nigerians are waiting to cast their rightful votes. The 2015 general election should not be seen as a war, but as a display of citizens fundamental human right. It is of this note both electorates and aspirants should desist from any unlawful conduct that will disrupt the credibility of the election such as rigging of ballot boxes, infusion of violence on election grounds and so on. 2015-election
Individuals should not sell their votes because selling your vote is selling your right. Individuals, groups should be carefull not to be used as political thugs to cause violence and unstability on the fortthcoming election, but rather be good citezens and vote peacefully.

Watchful Nigerians


The 2015 election is another platform for Nigerians to express their civil responsibility not a medium to impose dangers to human lives or otherwise. Therefore all suspicious activities on election grounds must be reported immediately to security agencies by watchful Nigerians.

Although Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has promised a free, fair and credible election come the said 2015 election date some Nigerians still see the present security challenges in the nation as a factor to consider while conducting the 2015 election. Thus the 2015 election cannot be put on hold for this reason, but must go on as scheduled by INEC. Therefore Nigerians should not relent to come and vote wisely as security agencies are on top gear.

The Conclusion

The 2015 election is not a do or die affair. It is not a war. Therefore all Nigerians should behave in most civilized way in expressing their franchise. The 2015 election will no doubt decide the next phase of Nigeria.

Nigerians keep the flag flying. Promote peace, love and unity for united we stand and devided we fall.
Nigeria! Good people, Great nation.