Record label J’TEN has finally called the shot. The 2nd of February, 2015 was indeed a remarkable day for the label marking her 2nd anniversary. The occasion was a blow following the huge success the label have attained in the past two years hosting musical, comedy shows and building talents in the entertainment industry world wide. It is no doubt a call for celebration.

Following the recent development in these past few years accounting great success, J’TEN have deemed it fit to keep the pace high and continue teamwork by taking up a new act into the label. While the celebration so far marking the label’s 2nd anniversary which was graced by dignitries, all J’TEN’s executives and artistes, B.Y CITY MUSIC boss Mr Tuwise Isaac and host of other entertainers was accompanied by the signing of a new act, the legendary DJ Tee.

It was a one year stated contract finalised and signed.

The radio icon, dj, promoter, sound engineer, musician and entertainer known for his indulgence in capturing his audience with good music and entertainment now stepping his game with signing into J’TEN as the label’s artiste.


The new deal however will not only grow the artiste (DJ TEE), but will go a long way to grow both the label and the artiste.

It is of this note for success to be persistent both parties must endulge in great commitment, hardwork, dedication, diligence and teamwork for the future ahead.